Inclusive, Consent-based Governance

A new name is in the works for inclusive, consent-based governance.

Read the blog post here and stay tuned for the big announcement in early May 2014!


For leaders of organizations and social enterprises who recognize that to thrive they need new ways of making decisions and working together,

Dynamic Governance provides

  • Performance with Purpose
  • Collaborative Decision-making
  • Dynamic Systems and Leadership

“I think one of the most exciting parts of Dynamic Governance to me has been this realization that it is a way to tap collective intelligence, and that the process is a lot smarter than I could ever be, or than any of my people could ever be individually. When you are a fast-expanding small company, you have to be dynamic, you have to be able to take action, be ready to move, be ready to adjust and recalibrate constantly.  Dynamic Governance gives us a tool that allows us to honor everyone’s needs and ‘voice’ — and to dynamically set direction together.” –Rosetta Star Buan, Owner of Rosetta’s Kitchen and Starshine Foods

 “I would describe Dynamic Governance as a process of shared leadership and of using the best knowledge in a room.   For me as a new Executive Director, it’s a real relief to be sharing responsibility in a collaborative process that helps us make better decisions. I think it is a great tool for hard problems and multi-faceted problems.” 

– Beth Maczka, Executive Director, YWCA

I would describe Dynamic Governance as a way of governing and functioning that is more equal as well as efficient, and that really empowers people to move forward together. We have adapted the tools for our staff, for our Board, and for an Alliance of arts and cultural organizations working together in WNC.  It has been well-received.  After experiencing the consent decision-making process, one board member said it was the most productive board meeting he had ever attended.”

– Gwynne Ruckenbrod, Executive Director, Handmade in America

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